Dom’s Food Mission Launches New Website!

Great news this morning, DFM, Dom’s Food Mission has relaunched their great website showing all the good work they do for the people of Hastings, feeding the needy and homeless!

As ambassador this great news and I ask you all to check out this worthy cause I am happy to support.  Just click on the pic to go straight to the site.  Thanks all.



Have you shown your loyalty to Ocean in the shape of a tattoo!

When we opens in 2012 I never dreamed that at the end of the season a few of the staff would grab a tattoo of the Ocean Logo so that we could be etched into memory! Turns out, at the airport this week I met up with a lovely bunch of ladies who also had the logo tattooed! Discreetly I may add!

Have you had an Ocean tattoo done? I’d love to hear from you! Use my contact form at the bottom to send name and details, tell us a bit about yourself and how it came about and I will get back to you! Thanks guys xxx


Got the Big Idea?

Hi all, thanks for visiting my website. Summer is now upon us and we are full on in Ibiza!  I´m looking for ideas for a weekly blog or film or some interesting ideas while I´m in Ibiza this summer!  What you really wanna see and know about the beautiful White Isle?  Let me know!

Send your suggestions to the contact form at the bottom of the page and I will go through and pic the best ones, also giving you a mention along the way!  Cheers guys, have an amazing summer!