FAQ´s or Waynes Book of Wisdom!

I thought about FAQ´s, you know Frequently Asked Questions and all that. (I had to look it up, only joking!)  Well seeing as I´m doing this site if you got this far I thought I´d make a page and add to it as we go along.  I do get some strange requests, usually for beds and jobs but maybe you might find some answers here, who knows.  Happy reading…

Lets start with the obvious…

Wayne, any jobs going, I´m looking for summer work?

Ok so the time of writing now is March 2018 and it’s time for an update!  If you are reading this now and looking for work at Ocean Beach, sorry to say you have probably missed the boat and most jobs will be taken for the Summer.  There is nothing to stop you still applying though, but we get thousands of applications and you can imagine this is a proper lengthy process just going through these alone.  If you do send in a CV make sure you send a couple of pics too, one normal and one in swimwear.  After that hope that your personality shines through and the office contacts you.  I cannot answer any queries I am afraid, again, imagine how many I get!!!  Apart from Ocean Beach all of the other bars and establishments hold recruitment days running independently of each other.   My advice is to keep your eyes peeled on the websites, all of which can be found somewhere on this site.  TBH if it´s summer work you’re after the best way is always to get out there nice and early and ask around before the hoards turn up.  Presenting yourself personally can make so much more of a difference than an emailed CV.  Getting there early also helps with finding accommodation too!  Good luck!

One Big Bed!

Another big question I get asked frequently regarding Ocean Beach Ibiza  is “Wayne, can you get me a bed, they are all sold out!?”  Well, what can I say!  They are sold out for a reason!  I cant change beds I´m afraid, as you can imagine it’s not fair on all our great customers who have booked months in advance.  I am inundated with messages and I love to try and answer them all and do my best,but it’s not always possible! Changing beds is just not fair on party people who have booked early.  There is a reserve list though, mail reservations@oceanbeachibiza.com for more info.

Health and Safety in Ocean (Children)

We are proud of our success at Ocean Beach Ibiza and the venue has now become iconic as must go to venue in Ibiza.  However with this comes certain issues and we have to abide by the local laws.  Please bear this in mind as the venue has a capacity and when we have beds for example for 6 or 8 people we must adhere to this.  We cannot have overcrowding for safety reasons.  Also in 2018 Children Under 18 will not be allowed in the venue, not even in the restaurant area.  It’s a decision not taken lightly but in everyone’s interests to stay safe.

Ocean Marbella

Just a note, Ocean Marbella is in no way connected with myself and Ocean Beach Ibiza.  I do not have contacts or relationships there with the owners for bookings, sorry.


Please bare in mind if you are going to contact me that I get hundreds of requests, and as I state on my social media, I do try to read and answer everyone but it is not always possible.  I do not have a specific Charity policy and consider all that I can and if possible will help, especially with re tweets and shares to make people more aware of your cause.  It is not always possible to send out free beds etc and holidays, with all the requests we would never make a living!  I hope you understand, you can use the contact form to message me and all mails do get read.  Thank you for your understanding.


Useful emails

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