Doms Food Mission

Proud to be Ambassador for this not great, but fantastic Charity in Hastings UK.

On the 15th January 2017 following an introductory meeting with founder Dom Warren,  I took a drive down to Hastings on a bleak Sunday afternoon with my Personal Assistant Dave Hodges and Business colleague Adam Hirsch to take a look at Dom´s Food Mission. Dom and his enthusiastic assistant James Robinson had travelled to Essex earlier in the week to explain what Dom´s Food Mission is all about and see if I could offer any help in any way.  DFM (as I´ll now refer) is a local based registered Charity in Hastings Sussex that sets up on a regular basis in the underground subway entrance to the promenade car park along the sea front and distributes hot food, drinks and fruit etc to the homeless and less fortunate people of the town.

We were met underground by Dom and his crew of James, Alexandria Warren and Claire Todd and they talked us through the workings of their Charity which Dom had set up in May 2015.  The basics being, Dom has managed to build relationships with local businesses such as the big supermarkets of the area, who then donate unwanted food to the charity for distribution to the homeless and various shelters etc around Town.  The passion these guys have for helping others had already hit me in Essex and each one of them talked with verve about helping others.  To now see this operation, (all completely voluntary I´d like to add), in full swing was a complete experience to see.

With the small talk over the guys proceeded to set up stall for the people that would arrive.  Dom explained they could get 5 turn up or they could get 50, its just how it is.  This Sunday was as mentioned, very bleak.  It was cold and raining up top, not the best night to be on the streets.  At 6 o’clock slowly the area began to fill and it was clear these people needed help.  The experience became very humbling as each and every person showed their gratitude for what they were receiving.   No payment required, no fuss, no judgment.  “Hi, you need a meal and some food?”, heres our blessing.

One of the local fellas became curious and asked me why I was there.  I explained that Dom and James had contacted me to help raise awareness for them and it was a pleasure to come down and pledge future help.  He went onto explain that everyone who came were very grateful for what DFM are doing and then also explained “I used to be a criminal before I found out about this, I used to have to steal my food to live and now I don’t have to do that, its been a godsend for me”.  In this day and age for me that was some powerful comment.  I invite you all to take a look at Doms Food Mission and see if possible where you can help out.  I have agreed to become Ambassador for Dom and his small band of helpers, its the least I can do for a very worthwhile cause and I will be raising awareness in 2017 for this throughout my social media outlets and contacts.

Speaking to Dom about his mission statement for DFM its clear that Dom wants to show people that food waste is unnecessary and we can make a real effort to put an end to it.  We can feed as many people as possible with perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste in this country. DFM will continue to do things that no one else has ever done and the team believe that they can make it a bigger success than it has already been in Sussex.  There is no reason why this operation cannot also be rolled out across the country with the right support.  With Wayne by their side as ambassador and believer in the Charity we see no reason why not.

As above in the link you can read more about DFM by clicking the website link and also liking their facebook page. Follow DFM on twitter as well (@domsfoodmission) and retweet and share where you can.  There are a number of ways you can also pledge your support on the sites so please feel free to join me in helping.

Thanks as always for your support.  Wayne

Dom Warren with DFM´s 2nd Birthday Cake